Sunday 8 February 2015

Family Breakfast & DIY Sunday

After the many disturbances I had last night, I was so pleased to have a little time to myself this morning as The Bavarian and Number 3 slept and the boys played. At 8.07am I turned on the oven and at 9.15am we sat down to breakfast together - homemade jams, sweet bread and butter.  

After breaksfast, we began our DIY Sunday. The Bavarian finished off the bathroom (photos of this large project will follow) and I put the finishing touches to our shoe closet.

Before - Tattered and shabby but with potential

I spotted this tattered old closet at the beginning of December. Someone was dumping it in the annual Sperrmuell collection and I couldn't resist it. Despite the rain and no-one to help me load it into the car, I managed to get it home. Over the past two weeks I have been sanding, painting, polishing and stapling and today I finally finished it off. I am delighted with how it turned out and even more delighted that our cluttered little cloakroom has now been relieved of some of its contents. 

Inside  - a sensor light
and lots of room  for shoes
After - looking pretty in
smokey blue, with new fabric
and polished handles


  1. I don't know how you do it!! Mom of 3 active kids, wife, excellent chef, furniture refinisher, photographer, and...... blogger!! I absolutely LOVE your furniture remodels and would thrilled to see a whole post or section of your blog featuring the before and after photos of all your upscaled salvations! You are an inspiration Fionnuala! Thanks!

  2. Than you Angie. I'll be updating the upcycling section of the blog shortly and will add a few tutorials too. I am a bit of a renovation junkie to be honest.

  3. Oh this is gorgeous. I just love upcycling furniture. Wish I had more time for it! I recently had to throw out an old chair as I left it in the shed all Winter and it got damp. Sob.

    1. Thanks Laura.
      That's a pity. The same thing happened to me. I salvaged two lovely old dining chairs a few years ago and they were quite wobbly at the time. I left them in the cellar and then the garage and by the time I got round to thinking of what to do with them, they had gone beyond repair. It is so hard to part with these things.