Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Nine Years Ago Today

The Bavarian has it handy, there's no doubt about that. His mother's birthday,  his godmother's birthday and our wedding anniversary all fall on the same date. The 14th October. Today.

I never spent much time imagining my wedding, but somehow, nine years ago today, I woke up in a castle in Bavaria and ended up getting married. Twice. In one day. To the same man. Two dresses, two pairs of shoes, two bouquets. It was a fantastic day but I would never have believed that I would go to that much fuss for my wedding till it actually came round.
In Ireland, a church wedding covers the marriage registry bit. In Germany it doesn't. So we had to have a civil ceremony before the church ceremony. Rather than have two wedding anniversaries, we decided to pack everything into one day. Civil ceremony, breakfast for all our guests, a little break to rest and change, the church ceremony, the sparkling wine reception, the cake buffet (it's a German thing), the evening meal and the dancing till dawn, literally. What a day we had!
So how've things been since then? Well nine years, three sons and one house later, the dress still fits, the Bavarian remembers the date and we're still going strong. 


  1. Happy anniversary! It was a great day for all the guests too x

    1. Thanks Martina. We have a gorgeous photo of you from the day. You look like a shampoo ad with your thick, glossy mane :)