Friday, 1 January 2016

New Year's Resolution - Never Go Shopping

I'm good with money. Usually. But as I cleared out the bathroom cupboard recently and then sorted my craft materials a few days later, I came to the realisation that I may have a slight problem. I discovered that I have way, way too much rather a lot of the following:

Blank notebooks
Blank greeting cards
Advent & Christmas decorations
Advent & Christmas craft materials
Washi tape
Pens, pencils, paintbrushes and charcoal
Cloured and patterned paper and card

I briefly considered starting the new year with a reolution to never go shopping unless it is for absolute essentials.

But that is just not realistic. 

So I've decided that my new year's resolution will be not to go shopping without a list and a budget. That way, I can still shop in craft shops and haberdasheries but will only come out with what I need for a particular project. 

The chances of sticking with it? Let's not talk about that.   


  1. Blank notebooks, cards etc are so handy to have though....... ;-)

    1. Aren't they just! Resisting buying more in the sales has been tough.

  2. Were you talking about my stash by any chance?! As Nicola said, don't worry, you will use all of those bits, and are ALWAYS in the need of extras. I promise you. Take it from me, I KNOW THESE THINGS. Having a large stash of anything gives great possibilities (creative endeavours/ gifts/ pleasurable staring for hours) so never feel guilty for buying more.

    (Says the enabler)