Friday 19 February 2016

Fionnuala's February Five For A Fiver Friday

...or 'How Many Fs Can You Put In A Blog Post Title'.

I have made a few really lovely purchases over the last week or so and that has motivated me to join in with Julia from Rainbeaubelle's linky 5 under 5. I'm working with Euro rather than GBP but the idea is the same.

So, here are my five:

A glass jar for holding bits and bobs, candles or for use as a vase, €1.50
Intricately painted real eggs, 80 cent each
A tea set for four, €5.00
Tulips, €1.98
A baking book, free in exchange for baking a cake

The glass jar, the eggs and the tea set were all finds from my latest discovery - a second hand warehouse not far from where my in-laws live. 

How I hadn't noticed it before, I do no know. Apparently it has been there for 18 years, but it seems to be a well kept secret. I have a feeling I will be a regular visitor.

The tulips were a treat to myself when doing the grocery shopping on Saturday. I adore tulips. They are one of my very favourite flowers and, at this time of year, I often buy myself a bunch as a little reward for doing the grocery shopping. 

The baking book - 1 Dough, 50 Cakes - was a present from our wonderful local independent bookshop. Every year the shop holds a bake sale in aid of a local charity. To encourage us to bake (as if I needed encouragement!), the shop offers a small range of baking books in exchange for a cake donation. I have taken part the last couple of years. I find it a really nice idea.

I've baked a few tray bakes from this book already (photos below) and they worked out perfectly. Tomorrow I will be handing over my cake donation and buying a few slices from the range on offer. I may even make tea in my new tea set to go with them.


  1. They are fantastic finds Fionnuala, the warehouse sounds brilliant, I am looking forward to a post showing us around ;). I love tulips too and the book idea in exchange for a cake is fab! Have a lovely weekend xx

    1. Thanks Lisa. It was great. I will definitely be going back there. I have a post in planning, so check back soon. Wishing you a lovely weekend too. Safe trip back from Belfast. x

  2. Oh what a lovely selection! Tea and cake, two of my favourite ever things :) I have to say, the cakes you have made look beautiful. Thank you so much for joining in! xx Julia

    1. Thanks Julia. They tasted great too. I made two more from the book yesterday and they were lovely too.
      Thanks for hosting.x