Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How To Make A Springtime Table Runner

This easy-to-make springtime table runner will brighten up your table for Easter, or on any other Spring day for that matter. 

What you'll need:
Felt in various colours for the leaves and flowers
An oblong piece of felt in a pale colour for the runner
Embroidery thread in various colours
Buttons in various colours
A hot glue gun 

Step 1: Begin by drawing a leaf pattern on the green felt. Then cut out the leaves using a very sharp scissors to give them a neat edge. I used two shades of green.

Step 2: Using the green embroidery thread, sew a vein up the middle of each leaf, as shown in the photo below.

 Step 3: Draw petals on the coloured felt and cut them out. I used a star shaped cookie cutter as a template for the outer petals and the lid of a bottle as a template for the centre of the flower.

 Step 4: Assemble your flowers as shown in the photos below, placing a button in the centre of each. Sew each flower together using embroidery thread in a contrasting colour.

 Step 5: Lay the oblong strip of felt out flat and arrange the leaves and flowers on it in a pattern of your choice. You could bunch them all together in the centre, lay them in the form of a wreath or in a straight line down the centre of the runner. I chose to scatter mine about at random, leaving room to add dyed eggs as an additional decoration on Easter Sunday morning. 

Once you have decided on your arrangement, use a hot glue gun to fix the flowers in place. Alternatively, you can sew them into place. 

Then simply spread the runner along your dining table and admire your good work!

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  1. This is so pretty - I'm so impressed. It looks so effective #homeetc

    1. Thanks Rebecca. I love making things with felt. It is so quick and easy, and colourful too.

  2. What a lovely idea. I've pinned it to my spring board. Anything that adds a bit of colour at this time of year will be a huge hit! #homeetc

    1. Thanks Louisa. I am useless at pinning my things myself, so I am always grateful if someone else does it :)
      Yes, it is great for a bit of colour and, to be honest, if time is running short, you can just assemble the flowers and leaves and dot them around the table or pin them onto a tablecloth with small safely pins.

  3. Such a pretty idea! #HomeEtc

  4. Aah this is lovely!! :) I love felt — it lends itself to all-sorts of things doesn't it? My ambition for this year was to do more crafty things but so far, what with one thing or another, I just haven't had time!! Maybe by the time summer's arrived, I'll be a bit more organised! ;) Thanks so much for linking up with us lovely — much appreciated x #HomeEtc

  5. Thanks Caro. Yes, felt is great. It is so easy to work with. I keep meaning to do more with it and have tons of ideas. But the time, that's the real problem, finding the time.

  6. It looks great - and so effective. Love the colours and it's brought a real touch of spring to your table :) #homeetc

  7. Oh it is lovely, so pretty :) This looks perfect for Spring! Thanks for linking up - much appreciated :) Jess xx