Tuesday 29 September 2015

Finalist in Best Diaspora Blog Category - A Thank You

My dear readers, 

By now I have realised that is is not just my family and close friends that read my blog. There seeems to be a reasonable amount of you out there who pop by now and again for a browse, and for that I am very grateful to you. 

My particular thanks go to those of you who voted for me in the Blog Awards Ireland recently. Your votes counted for 30% of the decision as to whether or not I would qualify as a finalist, having already made it to the longlist and then the shortlist. 

Given that I only began blogging under Three Sons Later in late January, I am delighted to have made it to the finals. Getting further than this would be amazing, but I am truly very happy to have come as far as I have so far. 

So, thanks. I am touched. 


  1. Many congrats! A worthy opponent! Best of luck in the finals.

  2. :-)

    Fantastic news, and well deserved xx