Wednesday 21 October 2015

9 Things I Know I Should Do But I Don't

There are a lot of things I do to try and live a reasonably healthy, balanced lifestyle. But there are also a lot of things I know I should do to balance my life a bit more. But I don't do them. It is not out of stubbornness or any particular intention at all. I just don't get round to doing them. Or don't feel like it. Or forget to do them. Or don't really want to. Or can't remember what they are. 

So I am writing them down, in case the day should ever come when I think I'm ready to try them.

1. Do more of what really matters and less of the day to day routine

2. Drink a lot more water
3. Do more for myself
4. Slow down. In everything.
5. Drink less caffine
6. Cycle more
7. Eat more fruit and vegetables
8. Do plevic floor, back and stomach exercises
9. Eat less salt and sugar

In fact, should probably add a tenth point: write less lists.


  1. Oh I can certainly relate to this list - there are quite a few things on it that I should do more of too! Good luck with trying to do them :-)

    1. Hard though, isn't it, to do it all? Each one sounds so easy but getting round to deciding to do them is my problem.

  2. Yes to all of those! I have all the best intentions and yet nearly always fail. I don't think I'd cycle though, I'm not known for my co-ordination!! xx