Sunday 31 January 2016

249 Posts Later

This day last year I published my first post on this blog. I'm still blogging, I'm still at home, I'm still happy. 

It has been a great year (more on that here) and I am very glad that I gave blogging another go, having set up a cookery blog in 2008 and only posting periodically. Since setting up Three Sons Later I have found that I have quite a lot to say on quite a lot of topics. 

Some days I am really pleased at the quality of my writing. Other days I am more focussed on the topic than on the writing and it irriates me when I can't put my thoughs onto the screen exactly as I would like to. 

My writing isn't as good as I would like it to be. Practice probably won't make it perfect, but it has improved it, and I hope it will continue to improve. 

As for the content, I have tried to write what I know about and what interests me and not be steered by what others are doing or want me to do. 

I don't feel I have veered off course too much. My original idea was for this blog to be a reflection of me and our lifeSo, here's to many more years of Three Sons Later. May it grow and develop, just as my boys do. 

Fionnuala x


  1. Congrats! Happy Birthday to your blog! Here's to many more years x

    1. Thanks Kim! Now that I have one year done, continuing doesn't seem daunting at all.

  2. Your blog is great and I think you're like me - I'll just write about whatever interests me at the time and if other people want to read and chat then that's great! Happy blogaversary! X

    1. Thanks Sam. That's something I love about your blog. You mentioned the term "muddled niche" once and it struck me as apt for my blog too.

  3. Happy birthday to your lovely blog :)
    Nicola x